As well as PhD students (who work on research projects) I also supervise 3rd year / 4th year undergraduate students and postgraduate MSc. students; all projects are linked to my research interests.

Research Projects for Students (both 3rd Year's and MSc's)

All my projects (3rd year and MSc) are highly coupled with research, and specifically the research areas I'm working on. Taking any of them will require a high degree of self discipline and high work through put (which will probably end in you pulling all-nighters). This isn't intended to put you off. I normally meet with students once or twice a week, and I'm available pretty much all the time for ad-hoc support. This also means that the project or work you'll be undertaking will not be 'noddy'. You'll learn a lot, and it will teach you how project staff normally work in the real world. More importantly it will be fulfilling - you will know that what you are doing matters to people in the research community and adds to the sum total of our knowledge.

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