Under Construction

I Know, I Know - I hate these under construction things too. Sorry!

The old stuff is still there so selecting anything on this page is going to result in a massive change in both visual and audio context (for those of you with screen readers).

My website was so out of date that I decided I need to incrementally put it all back together again with an updated new design - and I'm still building. I started at the beginning of June 2006 and I'm hoping to finish by mid August at the latest. So welcome to my little bit of the Web's, so called, long-tail. Somewhere in the vast uncharted backwaters of cyberspace you'll find me beaver-ing away here in the deep Web.

If you've just stumbled across the site that's fine, but there probably wont be very much of interest to you. If on the other hand you've been invited or you're here to communicate with me or get some information, then just take a look at the options listed.

What you will find is (hopefully) a cleanly designed, fast loading, site using 'Cascading Style Sheets', relating information about how to contact me, what I do and when I do it. There are also lots of other little bits and pieces building into a kind of online repository of information you may find useful if you've got similar research interests to me.

What's the point if this site; I hear you shout. Well it's simple! It's really just a point of contact so that information I think is useful becomes easily accessible; so that you can learn about what I'm doing and have done; and so that you can contact me more easily. It's a one-stop-shop of information you may find useful if we're collaborating, communicating, or interacting in some other way. If you need information about me, or what I'm researching at the moment, old projects now complete, analysed data, interesting papers and references, or any other relevant stuff, here's the place to look.

The site was initially built over a few weeks in July and August 1998, and it gets maintained if and when content needs to be changed or new research posted.

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